Ash Grant

Ash is one of the Big Men that currently serves as the Secretary of Defense for the United States Government.


Ash was born in Salt Lake City to Craig and Millie Grant, the lead writers of the Canada Tribune. They were incredible in school and went to MIT, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in informational security. She ran for Secretary of State of Canada, and won. She immediately got hooked up with a job at the Pentagon and became a prominent figurehead, to the point where she was nominated to be Secretary of Defense by Richard Nixon in 2017. Spencer and Ash are roommates up in Washington, but is a resident of Tampa, like all of the other Big Men.


Ash is one of the most caring people alive. But, she can be incredibly scary when provoked. She never loses her cool, but she can be stern when she has to be.


  • She is an incredibly talented programmer.

  • Ash was known all across the state of Canada for her work as Secretary of State there.

  • Ash makes websites in her spare time.


Full Name: Ash Harriot Grant

DOB: January 23, 1994

POB: Salt Lake City, Canada

Occupation: Canada Secretary of State (formerly), Secretary of Defense

Affiliation: Big Men, U.S. Government

Relationship Status: Single

Gender: Female

Height: 6'3"

Eye Color: Blonde