Axl Police

Abraham Xtreme Lincoln Police, or Axl for short, is a recurring character in Big Men: The Show.


Axl was born to Mr. Police and Bobrina Odenkirk in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The family moved around a lot, as Mr. Police was incredibly well-wanted by different police stations around the country. Instead of focusing on making friends, Axl wanted to focus on themself, so they roided up to oblivion and began working out at various gyms. Today, they live in Tampa with the rest of the Big Men, and still love to work out and play sports.


Football is their personality. They LOVE sports. They play sports and lift weights every week. Otherwise, they are incredibly explosive and can change moods incredibly quickly. On the inside, they're a sweetheart that cares for people.


  • Axl is the self-proclaimed 'Sex Maestro'.

  • Axl once went an entire day only saying 'so true'.

  • Axl cannot get enough of 90's paraphernalia.


Full Name: Abraham "Axl" Xtreme Lincoln Police

DOB: February 12, 1991

POB: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Self Proclaimed Bro Dawg

Affiliation: Big Men

Relationship Status: Single

Gender: Female / Non-Binary

Height: 5'11

Eye Color: Black