Bepis Shibloni

Bep is a member of the Big Men and the leader of a powerful mob ring.


Not much is known about Bep before he became the leader of the mob ring "CHRISTIE", but he has quickly risen to being one of the FBI's most wanted men in the world.


Bep is a tyrant, wanting pain on everyone he meets, but he uses the Big Men group as shelter from the law as they all work for the government. Currently none of the Big Men are aware of Bep's true business.


  • Bep has a nose, you just can't see it.

  • Bep has a hit list and a kill count that can't be counted on a single sheet of paper.

  • Bep has a sense of humor, he just won't show it.


Full Name: Bepis Francis Gregory Shibloni

DOB: September 17, 2008

POB: Trenton, New Jersey

Occupation: Mob Boss

Affiliation: Big Men

Relationship Status: Taken (polygamous)

Gender: Male

Height: 2'6"

Eye Color: Pitch Black