Epic Matt Spencer

Epic Spencer is one of the main characters in Big Men, serving as the junior Senator from Florida.


Epic Spencer was born in Salamenca, Spain to Dorothy Epic Spencer, a senator from Wyoming and Sir Charles of Lexington, a former representative from Kentucky and current director of the F.B.I. Epic Spencer always did well in class and went to Harvard Law, but switched and graduated from Yale, top of his class. He soon became a lawyer, and prosecuted a case for a five-year old who argued he was spanked too hard by his mother. He then got the name "Spankums" from such a flawless performance on said case. Epic Spencer meets Sully in the Trial of Sully E. Boy. He got disbarred one day and ran for the Senate, winning the special election in 2019, going to Washington and meeting Ash, currently serving as the Secretary of Defense, and the two soon became friends and then roommates in Washington. He has lost an eye, his right hand, and has several scars along his back resembling the American flag.


Epic Spencer is usually kind of a grump but is witty and cunning. He has small troubles on making new friends and tends to stay away from the stupidity his roommates generate, but sometimes gives into his silly side.


  • Epic Spencer is the youngest senator ever to be elected.

  • Epic Spencer used to own a ship called the Largemouth. He later renamed this to the SSL Rodney.

  • He tends to be a very busy man.