Jon is a gamer and bounty hunter, he was hired to hunt down the Big Men.


Not much is known about Jon, aside from the fact that he was born in Essex, Gay Britain, is an incredibly skilled bounty hunter and loves Cinnabon.


Jon is very mysterious, all that is known is he takes his business very seriously and speaks in a monotone voice.


  • Jon has been a bounty hunter for more than five years.

  • It was rumored that is he classic television star, Simon Cowell, but it is warned, that whoever spreads this rumor, will quickly parish.

  • Jon hates the middle class.


Full Name: Jon

DOB: April 1, 1996

POB: Essex, Gay Britain

Occupation: Gamer, Bounty Hunter

Affiliation: N/A

Relationship Status: Married to the Grind

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0"

Eye Color: Brown