Mr. Police

Mr. Police is a recurring character in Big Men: The Show. He is a "policeman" at day and a policeman at night (he is a policeman).


Lyndon Johnson Police was born May 14th, 1965, to Harry Truman Cop and Marylin Monroe. He is a policeman, however he got shot one day. He is the chief of Police at his police station and arrests Sully, Spencer and Nate when they turn themselves in. He was injured while in the field in the past, however, doesn't like to talk about it.


Mr Police is a very amicable man and a very hard worker. He is known to give everything to his job. He is also known to kill any racists, its his job.


  • When he was a police commissioner Mr. Police aided a costumed crimefighter known as "Hero Guy."

  • Put away the mob boss Tony Funke.

  • Loves Christmas with all his Big heart.


Full Name: Lyndon Johnson Police

DOB: May 14, 1965

POB: Albany, New York

Occupation: Policeman

Affiliation: Police

Relationship Status: Your Mom, he's married to your Mother.

Gender: Male

Height: 5'14

Eye Color: Sunglasses