Nate May

Nathan is a former attorney, and is one of the three main characters of Big Men: The Show.


Nathan was born in Sellafield, UK to unnamed parents and his older sister Mildred. After an enormous accident in his birth town, he had to split from his parents and has never seen them since. In the radiation, he grew an almost pig's tail. He moves to Wussia with his sister and soon pursues a law career after moving to Italy, and once more to the US. He spirals into a depression for unknown reasons and soon bunks with Matt Spencer, his courtroom foe, and the two grow a great bond. They fight in court one last time in the Trial of Sully E. Boy, who Nate and Spencer soon move in with.


Nate is usually the one to take the backseat on most matters and tends to go with the flow when another one of the Big Men brings up an idea. He loves to joke around, but is also is very private when it comes to how he's feeling. When someone jokes about him, he never fights back. He is incredibly smart but tends to be one of the last to propose an idea on how to get out of a situation.


  • Nate has the current world record for amount of tea drank in the span of one hour, with twenty-six cups.

  • Nate was almost selected as Attorney General by President Richard Nixon.

  • Nate has signed vinyls from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.


Full Name: Nathaniel-Robert May

DOB: March 18, 1996

POB: Sellafield, UK

Occupation: Unemployed, Formerly a Defense Attorney

Affiliation: Big Men

Relationship Status: Single

Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"

Eye Color: Green