Rei is the top mechanic in all the land, also being one of the Big Men.


Rei was born in the holy land of Jerusalem, Israel to Tyler and Rita Shovowitz. Rei both excelled in school and was incredibly imaginative. When they were fourteen Rei was almost murdered. They were able to save their injured body by covering it with robotic parts. They moved to the United States to further develop their business in engineering. They live in Palo Alto but have a summer house in Mound Park. They are within the top ten wealthiest people on Earth with their top-notch company.


Rei is one of the sweetest people and is always willing to help out when they can. They're incredibly powerful but always donates money to charities and will always be willing to help their friends.


  • Rei has some fucking phat converse.

  • Rei is awesome.

  • Rei can't feel pain.


Full Name: Reimus Alucard Shovowitz

DOB: February 13, 1991

POB: Jerusalem, Israel

Occupation: Engineer / Mechanic

Affiliation: Big Men

Relationship Status: Single

Gender: Non-Binary

Height: 5'4"

Eye Color: Blue