Spiro Agnew

Spiro Theodore Agnew is the current Vice President of the United States, and the only Vice President not to be human.


Spiro Theodore "Ted" Agnew was born on November 9, 1918 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was an aide to a Maryland representative and soon became an Executive of Baltimore County. He became the governor of the state and then was nominated for vice president alongside Richard Nixon. The two were quite the nice pair, getting along well. Agnew was not cryogenically frozen, but after an unsuccessful campaign for president in 1996, he died of a heart attack. His shirt pocket was sampled with some skin cells and ink. He is cloned but is accidentally turned into a squid. He is fine with this though and is as mild-mannered as before.


Agnew is basically used as a punching bag for Nixon but is always able to come back from a blow down. He is incredibly compassionate and silly, but is too stupid for his own good.


  • Whenever he presides over the senate, Agnew is in a fish tank.

  • Agnew had ten tentacles, but two of them contracted leprosy after cloning and fell off.

  • He has a very silly voice.


Full Name: Spiro Theodore Agnew

DOB: November 9, 1918 (Human)

  • August 12, 2016 (Squid)

POB: Baltimore, Maryland (Human)

  • Washington, District of Columbia (Squid)

Occupation: Vice President of the United States

Affiliation: U.S. Government

Relationship Status: Married

Gender: Male

Height: 1'2"

Eye Color: Black