Springtrap is the main adversary of the Big Men. He just loves killing kids and being an all round great guy.


William Afton was born on the 31 October 1960 in Dundee, Scotland. Afton was a technician at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and similar establishments and in 1981 he finished the first batch of animatronics along with Henry and Emily and because of these, the Fredbear chain of restaurants gained huge popularity. Because of the mass popularity of children at the locations, Afton saw this as a prime opportunity to rack up his kills. He ended killing a total of 5 kids and stuffed them into the animatronic suits which caused the restaurant to close down due to the stench coming from the suits. He then wanted to become immortal or something and needs something called remnant which is created by melting down the endoskeletons of the cursed robots. By breaking them down, Afton unknowingly released the souls of the children. The souls haunted Afton until he was forced to run into the Spring Bonnie suit (Which he had used to lure the kids away to kill them) but since the suit was old and withered the spring locks closed on him and killed him in a gruesome and painful death. 30 years later, Afton, now Springtrap, wakes up and decides to start killing again.


Springtrap is a lovable, cuddly little fella who you just wanna hug. From his thick Scottish accent to his rotting insides there's nothing to hate about the guy. He loves to murder children and never passes an opportunity up to. He always has a cunning idea to kill the big men which always goes to plan sometimes maybe never not really. Just make sure if you see him on the street to shout "HI" and give him a big kiss.


  • Springtrap is a Scotsman and his voice sounds funny.

  • Springtrap cannot eat solid food.

  • Springtrap sounds like he needs a good oiling.


Full Name: William Michael Afton Jr.

DOB: October 31, 1960

POB: Dundee, Scotland

Occupation: Bad Boy

Affiliation: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (Formerly)

Relationship Status: Divorced

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Eye Color: White