Sully Boy

Sully is one of the main characters from Big Men: The Show, alongside Spencer and Nate.


Sully was born to the Queen of Cambodia and a drifter from Ireland. The two moved to the United States, alongside the spirit of Joe Nuts which infested him at a young age. He does not have a job, rather staying at home and using Spencer's paycheck to support his sedentary lifestyle.


Sully is a man of many words. He's not the brightest tool in the shed for sure, but has a legitimate loving care for the other Big Men. He likes telling stupid jokes and fucking with people a lot, but he just does it to occupy himself. Sully isn't necessarily a bad guy, just more of a handful. Sully is very quick to join in on anything he thinks is interesting since he's completely unemployed, given he's an artist but doesn't get any cash. Sully is kind of a dummy.


  • Sully's favorite game is Banjo-Kazooie

  • Sully has a fear of latex gloves and lizards.

  • He has an incredible obsession over goth girls.


Full Name: Sullivan Edward Boy

DOB: April 5, 1997

POB: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Occupation: Unemployed

Affiliation: Big Men

Relationship Status: Taken

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5"

Eye Color: Brown