Sunny Dizzynuts

Sunny is a small bottle of SunnyD that lives in the fridge of the Big Men.


Not much is known about how Sunny came to be, but currently, she keeps the Minute Maid and the fridge company in the Big Men house.


Sunny is a little bottle that's larger than life. She loves to laugh and say incredibly dark things with joyous whimsy. She tells incredibly unfunny jokes in a manner that makes it funny. She is truly loved by all that meet her.


  • Sunny is full of life-giving fluid.

  • Sunny has no ability to shit.

  • Sunny has one enemy, former president Ronald Reagan. Their feud began shortly after Sunny was created. Ronald was on his last limbs, so he underwent cryogenic enhancements to make him Robo-Reagan. Ronald and Sunny are bitter rivals, and it has gotten bloody.


Full Name: Sunny Devald Dizzynuts

DOB: March 6, 2006

POB: Tampa, Florida

Occupation: Unemployed

Affiliation: Big Men

Relationship Status: Married to the Minute Maid

Gender: Female

Height: 2'0"

Eye Color: Blue