Tech Gorphus

Tech "Techy UwU x3" Gorphus is the most well-respected scientist in the world.


Tech Gorphus was born on July 29, 1984 in Moore, Oklahoma. She very quickly got interested in the sciences, creating Gjeaj out of mold on some bread at the age of 4. After A freak accident caused Tech never to be able to speak with her vocal chords again. That is, until she was given a robotic mouth, allowing her to speak through text to speech. Now, she is leading the World Health Organization and creating new scientific technologies. She co-founded Reddit and at such a young age, she's ready to keep on keeping on.


Tech is a kind, but reserved kind of woman. Not much else is known about her.


  • Tech is ranked as one of the most powerful and influential people on the planet.

  • Tech has an incredibly high IQ.

  • Tech loves churros.


Full Name: Tech Gorphus

DOB: July 29, 1984

POB: Moore, Oklahoma

Occupation: Scientist

Affiliation: Big Men

Relationship Status: Single

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8"

Eye Color: None