Th3o Strikeback

Th3o is a major character in Big Men. He is commonly used as the butt of the joke and the group punching bag. He is also a main character in Navy Buddies.


Th3o was born on September 11th, 1995 to King TheoNova Strikeback and Queen Eleanor Strikeback. He was raised until he was 9 on the island of Ohio Reborn. However, due to conflicts with several people and his father, he was shipped off to America for his own safety. He was raised in the Florida Keys by bachelor and Dr. Pepa creator Stuart Potson. During his high school years, he went to Sellafield, UK to investigate something for his school paper. He came down with a case of an unknown disease and odd things happened. In 2013, Th3o decides to attend the Buffalo Wild Wings Water-Palooza (Sponsored by Autozone) in Florida. He gets trapped in the Kiddy Wave Pool. Suddenly, he was saved by Pixel. They became great friends afterwards.


Th3o is timid and a nervous wreck. He's always trying to be his nicest but in every friend group, yet he ends up the groups punching bag. He frequently talks in 1950's slang claiming himself as a "part-time bozo" and "full time whippersnapper". He tends to stay to the wayside and have his own adventures with Pixel.


  • He's a very talented accordion player.

  • He's been married three times, all to the same woman. The only reason she married Th3o was to get her debt paid off. The first divorce took place three minutes after the wedding.

  • Th3o has 117 diagnosed fears, including arachnophobia, turophobia and pythagoraphobia.


Full Name: Th3o Rodriguez Strikeback

DOB: September 11, 1995

POB: StrikeBack Capital, Ohio Reborn

Occupation: Long John Silvers Employee, Full-Time Whippersnapper

Affiliation: Big Men, Navy Buddies

Relationship Status: Divorced

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Eye Color: Fearful