What inspired Big Men: The Show?

We take inspiration from alot of things honestly, most people will bring up Eddsworld. We simply take inspiration from things we love, like Cartoons, TV shows, Comedians, Youtubers, and all that stuff. Pretty Swag ngl.

Why does it look so bad?

Every episode is gonna gradually go up in quality, so it's gonna look a lil bad for a bit LOL

Where can I watch Big Men: The Show?

Simple! Sully's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGhfW3Mu4DcghzmMqxBwLxQ

Or here's the playlist if you want to watch them all in order:

What's up with the comedy/writing?

Our writing (specifically our jokes), come from our own inside jokes, or references to things we find funny. So sometimes things might seem random, but they do have context behind them.

Why are you fortniteburger.info?

Click here!

Where can I find more updates?

The Big Men: The Show Twitter Page, https://twitter.com/BigMenTheShow

When is Episode 4 coming out?

It's out!

When is Episode 5 coming out?

Shove it up your ass.