Chairman Yamamoto

Chairman Yamamoto is the mysterious chairman of the Taisaku Clan, the second most prominent organized crime syndicate of Tampa.


Not much is known about the chairman's life, however it is known that early in 1993 he started a gang with his friends, and due to his strength, he quickly built up a reputation. However, one day in 1994 he and his gang accidentally messed with a low-level yakuza family, they apprehended him and were going to torture him as payback, however he managed to escape his chains and beat the entire family into submission. Word of this reached the previous chairman of the Taisaku clan, who was intrigued by Yamamoto's strength, and ended up taking him under his wing, even giving him his own family within the organization. Later in 2005 after years of climbing up the ranks he became the new chairman of the Taisaku Clan.


Chairman Yamamoto is ruthless, unforgiving and brutal; however, he has high respect for honor and brotherhood. He is a classic yakuza through and through.


  • Apparently enjoys cold noodles.


Full Name: Unknown

DOB: Sometime in the 1980s

POB: Kabukicho, Japan

Occupation: Yakuza Chairman

Affiliation: The Taisaku Clan

Relationship Status: Allegedly married

Gender: Male

Height: 6'

Eye Color: Unknown