Connor's Brotha

Seanathon Boy is a major villain in Navy Buddies. He is the leader of the Olive Garden Mafia and is brothers with Sully.


Seanathon was born on November 7th, 1991. From a young age, he was always in his brother Sully's shadow and a misfit of some sorts. When he was 14, he joined the Olive Garden Mafia, due to his grandfather, Tiberius Boy, being the Don of it. After a month of being a low-level cook he was ambushed by a man from the rival Chili's Mafia, and almost got hit with boiling oil. However he managed to dodge it and took the man's life. This set into motion the almost 6 year dispute with the Chilli's Mafia. It was a brutal war, which eventually ended with "The Battle of The Nameless River." After a long 7 hour battle and over 70 deaths, the Olive Garden Mafia became victorious. However in the war the Olive Garden mafia was betrayed by a close ally who severely injured Tiberius to the point where he was unable to battle. Seanathon inherited the mafia and vowed to take down the man who betrayed it.


Seanathon is a husk of a man corrupted by years of death, drugs and power. He has no problem killing for what's right or for just no reason in particular. He is annoyed by wacky hijinks and that is why he has such a hatred for the Buddies.


  • He is the owner of 63% of restaurant related mafias.


Full Name: Seanathon Connor 'S Brotha Boy

DOB: November 7, 1991

POB: Tampa, Florida

Occupation: Don of Olive Garden Mafia

Affiliation: The Olive Garden Mafia

Relationship Status: Idk maybe

Gender: Male

Height: 6'6"

Eye Color: brotha