Pixel Funnyman

Pixel is one of the Navy Buddies.


Pixel was born in Hell's Canyon, New Idaho, not knowing his parents. He was taken in by an adoptive family soon after he was born. At the age of 5 Pixel was enrolled in Professor Nutsack's Demon Slaying Academy, where he excelled in all of his classes. Later at the age of 18 he graduated from the academy with a license to demon hunt. That year he opened his demon hunting shop "Devils will Fry." Later in 2013 he saves Th3o at the Buffalo Wild Wings Water-Palooza (Sponsored by Autozone) and they become good friends. After that he and Th3o joined the Navy, but when their executive officer found out neither of them can swim they were both swiftly discharged.


Pixel is cool and collected. He's sarcastic at times but also cares a lot about his good friend Th3o. He doesn't take shit from anyone. He is also bad with women.


  • Pixel owns a sword called Mutiny.

  • Pixel is extremely good at fishing.

  • Accidentally became the queen of Robloxia by taking a sword out of a stone.


Full Name: Pixel Aaron Idaho Gromit Pissgrinder Funnyman

DOB: March 3, 1994

POB: Hells Canyon, New Idaho

Occupation: Navy (Formerly), Demon Hunter

Affiliation: Big Men, Navy Buddies

Relationship Status: No Comment

Gender: Femboy

Height: 6'6"

Eye Color: Knockoff