Saul Bettercall

Saul Goodman MacGill Bettercall is a minor character in Navy Buddies. He is a crooked lawyer who somehow always finds himself in situations related to the buddies.


Saul was born in Cicero, Illinois on November 12, 1960 as James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill. His older brother Chuck became a successful lawyer as one of the partners at an Albuquerque law firm, Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. Jimmy became a scam artist in Cicero and soon gained the nickname "Slippin' Jimmy" for staging "slip and fall" accidents to make quick cash. Jimmy eventually runs into trouble with the police and Chuck returns to help but on the condition that Jimmy join him in Albuquerque and work a legitimate job in HHM's mail room. There, Jimmy befriends Kim Wexler, an HHM employee who is attending law school. Inspired by her success, Jimmy completes his college degree and attends a correspondence law school. He passes the bar exam and hopes to be hired at HHM, but at Chuck's secret instigation, senior partner Howard Hamlin denies Jimmy the opportunity. Jimmy then starts a solo practice in the utility room of a Vietnamese nail salon. He takes whatever cases he can get, including low paid public defender work.

Jimmy begins to use the alias "Saul Goodman", a play on the phrase "It's all good, man." He initially uses it as the alternate identity for the high-energy pitchman in TV ads he produces during the suspension of his law license, and later when he begins a business reselling prepaid cell phones on the street. He ends up earning the nickname "Saul Bettercall" however, due to mainly being talked about by methheads who can't remember his name or jackasses who choose not to.


Saul Bettercall is a highly intelligent, cunning, manipulative person who is a dedicated criminal lawyer and also a complete conman at heart and overall is a person who will resort to whatever measures to achieve his own goals or protect his client's interests.

Saul used to be a nice, honest man, however after a long series of events with individuals known as "The Donger Twins" he's lost all morality.


  • He has an iconic emotionless unchanging face.

  • *Vine boom SFX*

  • He is the Troller of Romania


Full Name: Saul Goodman MacGill Bettercall

DOB: November 12, 1960

POB: Cicero, Illinois

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Affiliation: Better Call Saul

Relationship Status: Married

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Eye Color: Saul