Winter Chilli

Winter is the landlord of Zenith Lane and one of the Navy Buddies.


Winter was born on April 20th, 1992 in Lost Angles, Floridafornington. She graduated from Sandalt Dabbert University with a bachelor's degree in "Houses n' Shit." She then moved to Tampa, Floridafornington and became a real estate agent, she ends up getting legal ownership of the Navy Buddies house before it's the Navy Buddies house, and Pixel and Th3o move into it soon after.


Winter is an optimistic person, but is also a realist. She's usually the voice of reason and the one who realizes when the Buddies are in over their heads. She seems sarcastic usually, but she cares for her friends a lot.


  • She has met RFK, Al Gore and Todd but not Richard Nixon.

  • She is the COO of Tai-chi ban-el Real Estate.

  • She can count the amount of times she's slept on one hand.


Full Name: Winter Shake Chilli

DOB: April 20, 1992

POB: Lost Angles, Floridafornington

Occupation: Realtor, Artist

Affiliation: Navy Buddies

Relationship Status: Not Applicable

Gender: Female

Height: 6'

Eye Color: Cool